Before I met Bonni, I felt haunted by my reaction to my father (and anyone who acted like him). He was an angry and violent man who suffered from a personality disorder, as well as alcohol and drug abuse. When he became angry and reactive (for no reason -or- for some crazy reason), I blamed myself, and allowed this helpless feeling (which inevitably turned into resentment) to follow me like a dark cloud throughout the day. And until I was able to “make up” (e.g.: tell him I was wrong) I would feel sick to my stomach. Now, when I am in situations like this, I am able to take a quick step back, put space between me and the situation, and believe it or not I can LAUGH at the craziness!!! What’s more, I now feel tremendous COMPASSION for the person who is doing the crazy-making behavior. I don’t have to analyze it to death, or dwell on it. I literally let everything go and see the person as someone who is in pain. It has COMPLETELY transformed my life. Bonni was able to take a lifelong haunting and turn it into something funny in THREE sessions! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Sarah M


I had a reading with you at last year’s galactic expo. My house had been on and off the market for four years, and you said it’d sell as soon as I was “ready” to go. Within days of emailing with you about my reading, on June 2nd, we got an offer and sold to that bidder. I just wanted to let you know you were spot on! I meant to email you sooner just to give you confirmation Your truely gifted  hope to see  you there this year



You may not remember me but I just wanted to send you an email and thank you for making a connection with my deceased son. You blew me away with the details of his passing. I can sleep at night knowing he is at peace and will always be around me and his brother. You are an Angel sent from God I know in my heart I was led to you by my son. Thank you with all of my heart.

God Bless.


I really want to tell you that I believe that God gives people gifts, and some people abuse those gifts and use them for evil, but I feel that God has used you to give me some very important messages and have helped me find some peace and hope.  Thank you for using your gift for good. 



Hi Bonni!
Let me just want to say I am so grateful to my guides for taking me to see you yesterday! What a gift you have!!!



Bonni is the best psychic I’ve ever consulted, and there have been many in the last few decades. She gives USEFUL DETAILS in business and personal matters. Her prices are reasonable, but probably won’t be a year from now!


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  1. I first saw Bonni in November 2014 which I’m convinced my angels directed me to her. I had only been to a couple of psychics in my lifetime but was never impressed until I met Bonni. I have been counseling with her this past year and I can say she is a gifted lady with a heart of compassion. She has been spot on with many things…..and some are still manifesting! But most of all she has helped me grow and evolve into a better me. You will be drawn to her loving, sweet spirit. Thank you Miss Bonnie. I love you.

  2. Bonni, I met you at a gathering. You were able to give me information about my dear husband and a close friend who recently passed. Thank you for the joy you put in my heart! You are such fun to be around. I want to learn from you. Love, Lisa

  3. I was blown away by the spot on reading. Next time I will try to set up a reading of longer duration. Bonni is the real deal.

  4. Bonni, I can’t begin to tell you just what my experience with you meant. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my mind that has been there for years. And if I had the slightest doubt that you were the real deal (which I didn’t) it was desolved the afternoon after we met. I was looking through my news feed on Facebook and what came up left me without words…the last thing you told me was that my Dad would appear as or be represented by a blue bird or a blue butterfly. The picture before me had to do with friendship and was a juvenile drawing much like in a child’s coloring book but there they were…both…a blue bird and a blue butterfly. I look forward to seeing you again…I still carry a lot of baggage I need help with.

  5. Hi my name is Cindy Farr Hester and my daughter is a first scholar Along with your daughter at U of Memphis. I suppose she trusted my daughter enough to share. I would love to meet you and possibly involve my daughter. Please tell me your thoughts and fees. Julia has been to my apartment several times. I live in Midtown Memphis! What a happy soul she is. My email is hues4yoy1@comcast.net and my phone number is 901-491-9666. Julia does not know I know I have your name, as she just shared with my daughter. It appears they are making plans for her to come to your home one weekend. I hope to hear from you soon. Caitlin’s Mom. Cindy

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