Bonni McCliss C.H. is a Certified Hypnotherapist; she received her training and certification from the highly accredited “National Guild of Hypnotists”. She knew she wanted to be a Hypnotherapist at the age of 9. Bonni read every book she could on the subject and was working on friends by the age of 11. She knew at a very early age that hypnosis could heal and change people’s lives.

Bonni specializes in Regressions services for individuals who wish to gain understanding and release fears, blocks and underlying unwanted behaviors. . Hypnosis is effectual tool for finding and removing problems that often sneak past the conscious mind and reside deep in the subconscious .These underlying root subconscious thoughts and beliefs are the “cause” of many peoples unwanted feelings and behavior that effect them each and every day. Bonni has worked with numerous clients over the years with topics ranging from weight loss, smoking, addiction, trauma and phobias to past life regression, life between life’s and spirit guide sessions.

Bonni is well known for her creative and cutting edge hypnosis practice. She uses her strong psychic gifts and talents to refine the standard hypnotic techniques and reach the core issues.  Bonni has also developed a unique Hypnosis process to help clients open up their own intuitive psychic abilities.

* Readings are also offered by phone for the same price. To schedule an appointment with Bonni, please go to the online scheduling page by clicking here!

POLICY NOTICE: If you are using pay pal, debit or credit card to pay for your in office service, there is a 24 hour prior to service pay policy unless otherwise agreed upon by PsychicBonni. IF not, then your time slot will be forfeited and you will need to reschedule.