Bonni also offers individual and group Psychic Development and Training. In these sessions Bonni helps break down the intuitive processes to help her clients gain a clear understanding of how the elusive psychic ability “really” works. She helps clients from beginners to advanced understand their strengths in receiving psychic information, as well as the many misconceptions that may hold them back in the development process. Bonni helps her clients get in touch with themselves as well as the other side by teaching practical and fun techniques that can be applied to everyday life.

Through her teachings Bonni helps people find fast and clear ways to connect with their Spirit Guides and Angels so that they can continue to grow and receive personal guidance and messages for the rest of their life. Bonni’s client often tell her that they no longer feel “alone” in the world after the development sessions due to their refined abilities to connect with the other side.

* Psychic Development and Training is also offered by phone for the same price. To schedule an appointment with Bonni, please click here!